Free Linux Control Panel with Server Management Tools


SiteBios is a fast loading, easy to use control panel, with both an end user and admin interface. The main benefit of SiteBios is, it's limited to a core feature set, of only the most commonly used features.

User Panel Features Include:

  • Add/Remove Email Accounts
  • RoundCube and SquirrelMail webmail interfaces
  • Email Forwarders, Auto-responders, Filters
  • Spam Assassin spam filtering
  • ClamAV virus scanning
  • Create/Manage Redirects
  • MariaDB (mySQL) Databases
  • Add/Remove Database users
  • Addon, Parked and SubDomains
  • AWStats web traffic stats
  • Create/Manage Backups

Admin Panel Features Include:

  • Create/Remove/Manage Accounts
  • Add Packages
  • Add/Remove/Manage IPs
  • Manage Backups
  • Perform a restore, single or multiple sites
  • Multiple Backups
  • Create a CSR
  • Install and SSL
  • Create a reseller account
  • Add/Remove/Manage DNS Zones
  • View Server info
  • Stop, start, restart services

Additional features can be requested for consideration via our forum or contact form

System Requirements

  • CentOS 6 64-bit Linux
  • Minimal installation of CentOS, or equivlent
  • If you currently have a control panel or services running, see the forum for compatibility