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The current version of SiteBios is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License and also subject to the below Terms of Use.

While open source, all source code is intellectual property of SiteBios and may not be, in whole nor in part, resold, repackaged, used commercially, or used outside of the scope of the current terms of use.

SiteBios is not licensed for commercial use at this time. Currently SiteBios is in Alpha/Beta and should not be used in a production environment. SiteBios is provided as is with no warranties or guarantees. As with all software it may contain bugs and/or security flaws. SiteBios is not responsible for service outages, business interruption, or problems, include those which are caused by human error and/or gross negligence. "Service" includes but is not limited to web, email, database, OS, SiteBios interfaces and accompanying scripts. SiteBios relies on a number of other software packages from outside vendors and developers and cannot, and will not, be responsible for any bugs, updates, configuration incompatibilities, or other problems resulting directly or indirectly from such software.

SiteBios reserves the right to cancel or discontinue development and support at any time, for any reason, or for no reason.

SiteBios versions and releases are not fully tested and will contain bugs, flaws, defects and/or missing/incomplete features, and may contain security flaws. These are to be used at your own risk and are not to be used for production and/or commercial purposes.

SiteBios is a free open source software and as such is to be supported by you, the end user. SiteBios is under no obligation to provide support however a community forum may be available to receive support from others. Any support information is provided as a suggestion and should be implemented at your own risk. SiteBios does not vet any persons providing support nor does it guarantee any information to be accurate. SiteBios shall not be responsible for any problems not fixed, incorrectly fixed, or made worse by its developers, other employees, staff, outside contractors or contributing members of the community. In addtion you understand SiteBios is not required to run many, if not all, of the services installed on the Linux OS, and may be uninstalled at any time.

By using the software you agree to report any security issues directly to us using the contact link on and wait for a fix from us, before making the issue public.

Any change requests, feature requests, ideas, submitted code, reported bugs or reported security flaws submitted to SiteBios, or made in our forum, or any other medium, become the sole property of and may be used and/or implemented by SiteBios without compensation to you.

You agree to hold SiteBios, and any associated companies and/or parties harmless for any problems, outages, loss of revenue, and/or additional expenses incurred from the software, including those resulting from human error and/or gross negligence. You, the SiteBios user, agree to self support the software, and to support any additional parties using the software you've installed, if any, and have them agree the SiteBios software is provided as is and is not necessarily bug free, nor is it guaranteed to perform without interuption and/or outages, and in no way will SiteBios support such users, nor will SiteBios be responsible for any damages or claims by an end user or a user of a person who installed SiteBios on a server used by multiple parties.

Additionally you agree that any disputes between you and SiteBios, including its owners, operators and affiliates will be handled by the Better Business Bureau, and you waive your right to go to court to assert or defend yourself or company. Additionaly you waive your right to arbitration, legal action, litigation, including but not limited to class action. Under no circumstances will you seak damages of more than $0.10 (One-Tenth of One U.S. Dollar), in total, regardless of how many servers you have, which you agree is a fair amount given the software is free. All claims will be brought solely in DuPage County, Illinois, USA and you waive any objection as to inconvenient forum. If any part of this TOS is found to be unenforceable or invalid the remainder of the TOS will still be in effect.

Upon download and/or use of the SiteBios software you agree to these terms of use, if you do not agree to this TOS, you may not use the software. These terms of use may change at any time without notice, changes to the TOS will superceed any previous TOS and/or other agreements.

In the event of a conflict between this TOS and any additional licenses, this TOS will superceed. We reserve the right to use a difference license in place of, or in addition to, any current licenses for new releases.